ENORMOUS kudos from all of us for the uber-professional website for A-1 Pallet – we had a guy show up out of the blue who had decided he wanted to be our customer solely on the basis of our website. Are you girls awesome or what?
– Endrene


You rock! The site is so beautiful, I’m almost ready to cry.
– Julie B.


Thank you again for your awesome work!
The feedback I have received has been wonderful and I am getting many inquiries from the website already. I look forward to dealing with you again.


Wow – what a pleasure working with you on the labels.
– Judy


I gave a bunch of my new business cards to Jennifer Aniston’s assistant who LOVED them. I also gave one to Sarah McLachlan who said they were artistic and unique! Love it!
Thanks so much!!
– Leah


Thanks for the quick turnaround. The design looks awesome.
– Karen


This looks great. You are amazing.
– Tammy V.


Everyone loves our business cards and post cards…Thank you again!
– Trish


This looks great!
Exactly what I wanted.
– Elio


You 2 are the cutest and happiest girls I think I have EVER met.
Thank you for making this a bright and sunny day!!!!!!
– Heather B.


The site looks great.
– Tamara


Thank you for your hard work. It looks really good!
– Susan W.


Hi Amy, can’t remember if I emailed to tell you we LOVE the posters!
– Robyn


The biz cards have been still getting rave reviews!
Thanks again for all your kind works and great work this year!


The site looks great – well done!
– John G.


Thanks again for the great work.
– Debbie and Marilyn


I love my robot. He’s so cute. Thank you. These are great ideas.
– Monique


Thank you very much. Site looks fantastic.
You are a pleasure to work with and we are very happy with the outcome.
– Vic


Just to let you know how powerful your website magic is, my friends from England found the Residences on Georgia online and booked their stay through there. I went to the site to get the building address because I’m meeting them tonight and sure enough I saw “Fresh Marketing” on the bottom of the website. What a small world.
– From Amy’s friend Tony


Our business cards are perfect. It is exactly what we imagined. Beautiful!
– Toni and Ken


Thanks again for all your wonderful work. It is appreciated!
– April


I have had a GREAT response to the business cards and website!!!
Thank you so much for all that you have done so far!!
I’m so looking forward to continuing to work with you!


Thank you very much for doing such a GREAT and fast job on this its much appreciated!
– Peter V.


That is absolutely perfect! Thanks again for helping me out.
– Sean


I LOVE the cards! They are so fabulous, thanks again!
– Sarah R.