Being Green

Printing: We are thrilled to offer the option of 100% recycled, 50% post consumer, processed chlorine free, ancient forest friendly printing with a % of sales going towards reforestation projects. Please be sure to specify if you would like to go green.

In our office and our lives we are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint.

Here are some of the things we are currently doing:

1. Powering Off – We turn off our computers and lights each day to reduce energy consumption.

2. Recycling – We use very little paper for in our office but when we do we use recycled paper and we recycle any paper that we do use. We also maintain a plastic recycling box for all drink containers etc that we use.

3. Keeping it Online – We seldom use paper in our office and have been able to do so by keeping it electronic. We send all invoices by email, customer communications are done by phone and email or in person and we try to never send faxes.

4. Using Eco-Friendly Suppliers – We have found fabulous suppliers that not only match our desire for quality products but also our passion for caring for the earth. Our suppliers work to help mend our earth by providing recycled options, creating less than 1mm of trim waste, staffing awesome press operators who rarely make mistakes (and therefore create less waste), and overall creating valuable high quality products that are useful and don’t just end up in the trash.

5. Giving Back – We donate our time and money to charities that help our earth, our people and our